Dispensary Spotlight | Healing Green Dispensary

Dispensary Spotlight | Healing Green Dispensary

Healing Green Dispensary

Dispensary Spotlight | Healing Green Dispensary

Healing Green Dispensary in Independence, OR

Passing through the beautiful and historic Independence, Oregon, we are on a mission to find some green. As the road winds along, we’re met with lush trees, rolling hills, farms, and to my left, the beautiful Willamette River. The day is sunny for February, and I’m excited to meet the people at a local dispensary aptly named Healing Green.

Corinne Wilson is the manager at Healing Green, their mission: compassion, and education. While it’s not one of those fancy dispensaries that you’d find in an urban setting, Healing Green has a welcoming small-town feel to it. The friendly faces of the employees when I walk in fills me with confidence. Their expertise with cannabis is serving their many customers well, as I could tell by the constant flow of satisfied folks entering their establishment. The intake room is comfortable, magazines abound and a nice seating area beckons; I could see many conversations being had here. What strikes me the most about this room is the stacks and stacks of food boxes over to the side. Corinne tells me that they donate food to Dallas Food Bank monthly, and have donated over 1000 pounds of food already! They have specials that involve their customers: Bring in 5 cans of food get 5% off your purchase, 10 cans for 10% off. To us here at Stoner, we feel this is such a great way to give back to the community and highly encourage bringing in cans of food when visiting this dispensary!

Upon entering the room at Healing Green
, you will see a variety of glassware, topicals, cartridges, medibles, and oil available under a sparkling glass case. They have a bit of something for everyone. If you’re lucky and come in during or near a holiday, be sure to check out their awesome gift collections! Their flower variety is good and it’s properly displayed in glass jars. Their top shelf is never more than $12.00 a gram, which is an exceptional price for such amazing flower! Not only do they offer many unique specials during the holidays and to encourage community outreach, but you should also check out their weekly specials!

Sunday- 10% off Glassware and T-shirts

Monday- Medible Monday: 15% off Medibles

Tuesday- Topical Tuesday: 15% off Topicals

Wednesday- House Roll Humpday: $4.00 per Joint

Thursday- Top That Thursday: 10% off Pen Top Cartridges

Friday- Flower Friday: 4g for 1/8th price, 10% off

Saturday- Shatterday: 10% off Dabs

(Prices subject to change)

What does the future of Healing Green look like? Their location is optimal for rural folks seeking medication and college students seeking pre-rolls. This year they have plans to expand their current location to better serve their loyal customers, and people new to the dispensary. If you’re from Independence or just passing through, make sure to stop at Healing Green to say hello to their friendly staff and to pick-up a magazine and your product of choice!

Healing Green
769 N Main St. Ste. C
Independence, OR 97351
(503) 837-0048
Hours: 10AM – 8PM, 7 days a week
(except Christmas & Thanksgiving)


Independence, Oregon was settled in 1845 by pioneers migrating from Independence, Missouri. The city has always appreciated good things, being known for its hop production in the mid 1800’s. It is now a pioneer on another level, recreational and medical cannabis.

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