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Herbal Publishing, LLC is an Oregon limited-liability company based in Salem, Oregon. Herbal Publishing is an advertising agency and marketing firm that focuses exclusively upon the cannabis industry at large. Herbal Publishing publishes and distributes Stoner Magazine and offers products and services that connect clients with our adult cannabis consumer readers. We maintain a balanced approach of bringing the highest quality product and service value to both our discriminating readers and our invaluable advertisers.

Delivering honest, practical and distinctive marketing solutions for today’s emerging cannabis businesses… affordably!

The staff here at Herbal Publishing and throughout our parent company know that applying the right tools and techniques at the precise time will very often lead to success. W

Rendering “in-house” marketing tools, marketing services, marketing applications teamed with solid marketing solutions cannabis businesses…

+ Comprehensive Business Marketing (SWOT/CAGE) Analysis
+ Communication Services
+ Advertising Media Management
+ Advertising Copy Writing Services
+ Lead & Prospect Enrichment
+ Custom Internet Marketing Software Applications
+ Contact Management Systems
+ One-To-One Sales Training
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