Dispensary Spotlight | Frequent Vibrationz

Dispensary Spotlight | Frequent Vibrationz

All flower in this dispensary comes conveniently prepackaged in glass containers to stay fresh.

Dispensary Spotlight | Frequent Vibrationz

Frequent Vibrationz, is a one of a kind establishment, in its unique experience that it offers customers. When I first walked in I was stuck by the friendly and laid back atmosphere of the place. There’s a comfortable lounge area where you can browse through Cannabis magazines and shoot the breeze with the employees and other customers. The layout of the place is very welcoming. Frequent Vibrationz is a dispensary with no lobby, there’s no waiting and no entering your ID into a database. We loved the convenience of that. This shop is also Eugene’s first 100% recreational cannabis retail shop and focuses on community outreach, like their Holiday Food Drive!

All flower in this dispensary comes conveniently prepackaged in glass containers to stay fresh. The quality of meds when packaged this way is superior and you will notice the difference! They have over 15 different brands and many strains to offer. The owners can vouch for their flower as they have personally been to all farms to assure that they’re offering a good product to their customers.

You won’t find budtenders here, they have “Vibe Guides”

Co-owners Jack and Branden have opened a dispensary that on all levels succeeds in bringing their personalized and relationship-driven vision to you. You won’t find budtenders here, they have “Vibe Guides” that will help you find just the right flower, concentrate, edible or topical that fits your needs. It’s the knowledge of the staff that really brings people back again and again. That and the fair and competitive prices they offer means that there’s something for everyone.

Be sure to check out their “In the Clutch Special” an 1/8 for $24.00 including tax. Come in everyday at 4:20 pm and 7:10 pm (international dab time) for 10% off your purchase.*

Making this a stop in your journey to finding the right Vibez is highly recommended.

Frequent Vibrationz
1409 Oak St Eugene, Oregon 97401


Hours |  7:10am-9:45pm
Phone | 541-505-9671

Instagram | instagram.com/frequentvibrationz
Twitter | @FrequentV
Massroots | @Frequentvinrationz
Facebook | @FrequentVibrationz

* All prices indicated within this article are subject to change at anytime without notice.

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