Today’s Stoner | EVOLVD

Today’s Stoner | EVOLVD

The origin of EVOLVD

Today’s Stoner | EVOLVD

This is my life; the story of an organic advocate who has a passion for holistic, artisanal production & processing.

I grew up in a family of organic foods pioneers in Eugene, OR, where I acquired a passion for holistic, artisanal production and processing. It’s an approach I bring to the extracts and cartridges I have created for EVOLVD.

Years ago I was originally drawn to the idea of extracts but couldn’t find any extracts of the quality that I would want to consume. Rather than being put off by my negative experiences, I decided to try and create quality products aligned with my knowledge of the plant and organic lifestyle.

Our connection with cannabis begins with the experience it provides, which is why I have bred and hunted phenotypes to find and create the most desirable cannabinoid and terpene profiles for EVOLVD oils. These unique cultivars are then either grown in-house or shared with organic farms that grow them for us to extract. Outside of what is cultivated in-house, I have chosen relationships with the growers that cultivate the plants we extract very carefully. We require the same meticulous care and commitment to clean, artisanal practices throughout all steps of the process. It is the only way I have found that I can ensure the integrity EVOLVD is able to guarantee.

I have found that all standardized, production model CO2 extraction processes lack the flexibility to capture a quality extract and strip away elements of the cannabis plant that are meant to interact synergistically. Essentially these processes create an extract that lacks flavor and any depth/resemblance of a quality cannabis experience.

Over the past 3 and a half years I have spent countless hours innovating beyond the assembly-line method used by most processors. I have developed and continue to develop, extremely clean and sophisticated CO2 extraction and distillation methods to create the finest, most flavorful oil on the market. These original methods are proprietary and completely unique to our brand.

My approach to processing is as an art form, not as a production model. The focus is to curate a selection of refined cannabis products that best preserve the integrity of the whole plant. Basically, mother nature made something perfect and it’s our goal at EVOLVD to create a healthier, more discrete way of consuming cannabis without interfering with this perfection.

True to the plant.

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