The Ultimate Stoner Playlist

The Ultimate Stoner Playlist

Smoke down to these fresh tracks...

The Ultimate Stoner Playlist

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In the 60’s Jimi Hendrix led us through the peace movement with his raw, vocal dimension and sweet guitar riffs. The 80’s gave us new wave rock n’ roll artists like Prince and The Revolution who broke through the scene with musical innovation and controversial audacity never before encountered.

In our current state of political discord, civil unrest, and all around general discomfort revolving around these issues, we are constantly seeking outlets to connect humanity and bring people together on a common plane.

What’s better than listening to good music and smoking dank weed with your comrades?

We decided to take some of these new tracks and put together the ultimate Stoner playlist, pairing your favorite strains of weed with your soon to be favorite songs to smoke to.

Fellow stoners of the world, unite!  

Kamaiyah / “Ain’t Goin’ Home” (4 stars)

Hailing from Oakland, CA ‘new to the game’ Kamaiyah, arrives on the scene with groovy, 90’s inspired mixtape, “A Good Night in The Ghetto.”

Only 21 years old, Kamiyah is already making big waves in the west coast rap game. Gathering inspiration from hip-hop legends such as Conscious Sisters, Missy Elliot, and Too $hort, she delivers un-censored rhymes and retro-funky beats.

Kamaiyah sets herself apart as a female artist by projecting confidence through raw, lyrical verses without centering her music around her sexuality. Get ready, because Kamaiyah is on her way to becoming raps’ new female superstar. “We Ain’t Goin’ Home Tonight” has the perfect low-key vibes for rolling a blunt on the couch and kicking your feet up after a long day at work because you deserve it!

Pair with a heavy indica strain like Bay Area classic, MARS OG.

Yes, queen!

Thundercat / “Friend Zone” (4 stars)

Los Angeles bass prodigy, Stephen “Thundercat” Brunner is blessing us with some of the most melodic beats and detailed fretwork of the past decade.

Coming from a family of musicians, his father a renowned jazz drummer, and older brother, a Grammy winning drummer, Stephen has held true to his family’s musical legacy. He’s worked with just about every black vanguard artist on the scene, including the likes of Erykah Badu, Flying Lotus, Snoop Dogg, and Kendrick Lamar, to name a few. His music is a harmonious fusion of pop/funk/rock/electronica, which he accompanies with a singing voice as smooth as butter.

“Friend Zone” is a taste of what is to come off his upcoming album, Drunk, released Feb. 24, 2017. With an upbeat melody and dancey chorus line, this is the kind of song you and your friends are going to want to prefunk to.

Pair with a sativa like Chalice Farm’s Strawberry Ice to get your party started!

Childish Gambino / “Redbone” (5 stars)

Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) never ceases to amaze us. Wearing many hats in the entertainment industry, whether it be acting, producing, screenwriting, or rapping, Glover delivers every performance with ease and fluidity.

With the release of his newest album, “Awaken, My Love!” we find Glover ditching his traditional rap style and navigating towards a sound reminiscent to the styles of Funkadelics, Bootsy Collins, and early Prince with an emphasis on black culture and “wokeness.” Futuristic slow jam, “Redbone,” encompasses love and lust in an ambient symphony of piano accents, deep bass lines, and pitched vocals. This is just one of the great treasures given to us by this multi-talented artist and we can’t wait to see where else he takes us.

“Redbone” is the go to baby-maker of 2017, so dim the lights, turn up the bass, and pair with a euphoric hybrid like Sour Dream.

Views / “Into The Light” (feat. Wild Cub) (3.5 stars)

With the release of his interactive album, “401 Days”, Grammy nominated, Brooklyn-based artist, J. Views (aka Jonathan Dagan), propels us into a world of conceptualized art with every track he produces.

When referring to 401 Days as an interactive album we mean it in a literal sense. J. Views breaks down the DNA of his songs by dissecting the creative process piece by piece and sharing with his fans along the way. Developing the entire album by live-tweeting his progress, and revealing visual art and samples along the way. He even gave his fans permission to submit their own versions of the pre-released tracks.

By working with multidimensional layering J. Views drives us into an ethereal, otherworldly dimension of music.

Sound like a trip? It is.

“Into The Light” is a collaboration track with Nashville-based indie band, Wild Cub.

The catchy, chorus line and dreamy hook are best enjoyed while smoking a high THC strain like Gorilla Glue #4, after a night out in the city.

Bonobo / “Break Apart” (feat. Rhye) (4.5 stars)

Simon Green’s electronic project, Bonobo, has always been a stoner’s delight. It has the ability to take you to another world,

to transform your reality into a daydream. With the release of his 6th LP, “Migration,” we are given a glimpse into a new realm of complex, electronic music. Possibly one of his most sophisticated albums yet, Migration, pays a beautiful homage to the skill and evolution of his career as an electronic artist who has been around for nearly two decades. “Migration” is composed of tracks featuring an array of singers such as, Rhye’s Milosh, Jeffrey Green (aka Chet Faker), and Nicole Miglis.

“Break Apart” featuring the airy vocals of Milosh is best listened to on a blanket under the stars.  Accompany your stargazing with a spacey Indica like MK-13, which will have you asking yourself, “What else is out there, man?”

Future Islands / “Ran” (4 stars)

Veterans of the scene, three-piece synthpop band, Future Islands, give us a sample of what’s to come off of their soon-to-be released album, “The Far Field.” Future Islands has gained a following from their landmark performances on famous late night talk shows and lineup of lovelorn, melodramatic albums. At first glance you may only notice the pleated khakis and button down shirt traditionally donned by your high school principal that make up the appearance of frontman Samuel T. Herring, but when performing, he encapsulates a monstrous energy and bellowing tenacity in his voice and stage presence that define Future Island’s greatest component: conviction.

“Ran” is a perfectly composed pop symphony reminiscent of their hit “Seasons (Waiting On You).” This dancey, romance anthem is best rocked out to while smoking a light and happy strain like Girl Scout Cookies.

Little Simz / “Picture Perfect” (3 stars)

After touring the U.S. with R&B goddess, Lauryn Hill, London based, Little Simz (born Simbi Ajikawo) releases her second studio album, “Stillness in Wonderland.” This concept album gathers inspiration from the child story, Alice in Wonderland. With psychedelic references and atmospheric vibes, Simz digs deep into her emotions and takes us on a tour down the rabbit hole. Only twenty-one years old, hard-hitting rapper, Simz has already proven to be incredibly conscious and acts as a spokesperson for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Picture Perfect is composed of danceable beats, heavy brass, and quick-witted rhymes asking us along the way, “Wonderland is amazing ain’t it?” So with the Cheshire Cat as your guide, dive into some dreamy retrospect with the soothing effects of Granddaddy Purple.

Anderson .Paak / “The Birds” (5 stars)

West-Coast rapper Anderson .Paak has broken through the scene with his most recent album, “Malibu,” a personal tribute to his own upbringing, featuring lyrics dealing with a gambling mother, an absent father, and a first love lost.

.Paak struggled with his own personal life after being let go from his job on a marijuana farm in Santa Barbara and left without the means to support his wife and child. He was soon to meet his success as a solo artist after being recognized for his project NxWorries with rapper Knxwdledge. He was then featured in six songs off of Dre’s newest album, “Compton: A Soundtrack.” His lyrics are passionate and compelling and his music acts as a catalyst in the push for a new wave of hip hop with soul, funk, and gospel being prominent influences. Anderson .Paak ended 2016 with two Grammy nominations- so we can only imagine the big moves he’ll be making in 2017!

“The Bird” is a groovy, lounge track featuring trumpets and piano accompaniment that will propel you into a smoky, underground New Orleans jazz club. Best listened to while smoking a relaxing, full-bodied indica like Black Cherry OG.

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