How to | DIY | Clone Your Own

How to | DIY | Clone Your Own

How to | DIY | Clone Your Own


Now that you know the necessary equipment required to start your indoor grow, you’re going to need something to actually grow. You can definitely sprout your own seeds, which has distinct advantages in doing so, but clones are much easier. In our attempt to provide you with a basic guide to starting your own grow, we also have for you a step-by-step process to cutting your own clones.  


Sterilized Scissors

Starter Plugs

Cloning Agent

Cloning Dome/Tray

Pitcher of Water


Soak your starter plugs in water for an hour.

Choose a branch on a mature plant. If possible, strong new growth on the lower part of the plant.

Cut a 6-8 inch piece of the branch you chose at a 45 degree angle.

Trim off the lower nodes and leaves besides the top one, and trim the tips of any large fan leaves of your clone.

Immediately place the clone in a pitcher of water.

Set your starter plugs at the bottom of the cloning tray.

Dip the bottom of your new clone in a cloning agent and insert in the plug.

Place the dome on top.

Make sure to check twice a day to insure the plug is moist, until you see roots forming.

Once roots have formed, you are free to transplant your new plant.

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