How To | DIY | Name Your Pet… Cannabis Style

How To | DIY | Name Your Pet… Cannabis Style

How To | DIY | Name Your Pet… Cannabis Style

In today’s world, it’s definitely a challenge to find a unique name for your precious pet. We all want our pets to feel special and part of something bigger than themselves. Their name will represent and define them for the rest of their lives. Pet names also reflect on owners, especially when yelling their name across the neighborhood. When choosing a name, be sure to keep an open mind; what’s popular now won’t necessarily be popular in 5 years when your little bud has matured. Be spontaneous and creative!

Check out these cannabis-inspired names (and definitions) for your little critter:

Feminine Cannabis Names:

Doja: simply, cannabis

Megg: slang for marijuana cigarette

Oasis: Thai Cross X Hindu Kush

Sassafras: depicts a good cannabis plant

Sess: calling for a smoke session

Charlotte: from a favorite Colorado high-CBD strain

Sativa: “uplifting” or “energetic” species of cannabis

Indica: “mellow” or “laid back” species of cannabis

Mary Jane: classic slang for cannabis

Ganja: slang for cannabis, with origins in India

Kaya: slang for marijuana of African origin

Juanita: slang for marijuana of Mexican origin

Indo: mainly modern crossbreeds from Indonesia

Canna: short form of cannabis

Masculine Cannabis names

Bud: referring to flower – the part of the plant that’s most desirable

Bale: a lot of cannabis

Tanker: a two paper joint

Blaze: to light up a bowl or joint

Herb: a gentleman’s term for cannabis

Monte: cannabis coming from South America

Baker: someone who smokes cannabis

Kush: a strain of cannabis with Hindu Kush Mountain origins

Keif: resin glands (or trichomes) that may be found in the bottom of your container

Toke:  drawing or puff from a cigarette or pipe

Dub: a $20.00 bag of cannabis

Chronic: exceptional cannabis

Hash: extracted, compressed or purified resin glands (or trichomes)

Kilo: 2.2 lbs – the most used, largest measurement of cannabis

Amy Lee

Freelance Content Writer & Account Executive for Stoner Magazine/Farmacy Magazine. Amy is a self-espoused earth lover and nature freak, in addition to being a dog lover. She received her degree in horticulture, after years of growing anything and everything, becoming a master gardener. Amy's husband is a medicinal cannabis grower so she gets to apply her talents to assisting him in his endeavors. She loves creating cannabis lotions and creams and is a talented cannabis chef. Amy is mother of 8 and loves the domestic side of life. Besides writing for Stoner or working with cannabis businesses, she loves making friends with others in the cannabis industry.


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