How to | Joint Rolling

How to | Joint Rolling

How to | Joint Rolling

Proper Rolling Techniques with @shesmokesjoints


Grind/break down your weed, the more evenly it’s broken down, the more evenly it will roll/smoke
Prepare your paper and filter, the filter is optional but handy.

Weed to Paper

Be sure your glue strip is facing up and is at the top of your paper
Put your desired amount of broken down cannabis into your paper
Holding the paper with your middle fingers and thumbs, use your pointer fingers to press the cannabis into the shape of a joint, this will make the paper easier to roll around the cannabis

Roll and Tuck

Gently roll the paper between your fingers, evening out any bumps
Using your thumbs slide the bottom of the paper under the top part with the glue strip and roll it around. Much like you would roll a sleeping bag or create a cone out of paper.

Lick and Light

Lick the glue strip, securing it to the other part of the paper
Allow the joint time to dry, then light up and enjoy.

She Smokes Joints


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