Stoner Cultivation | Growing Exposed | From Seed to Weed

Stoner Cultivation | Growing Exposed | From Seed to Weed

A new series is exploring the big business of cannabis cultivation.

Stoner Cultivation | Growing Exposed | From Seed to Weed

Turning to the internet has become a jungle of information, most of which is trash, as everyone and their dog has begun blogging, writing and filming their cannabis endeavors, clamoring over each other for a piece of this fresh green pie. That’s why when a truly awesome resource grows above the weeds (and isn’t just your baked friend filming with a 90’s camcorder in his closet) it’s worth noting.

Growing Exposed is the new series being described as the “MTV Cribs” for cannabis grow operations. This high production value show gives you the viewer behind the scenes access to the growing list of cannabis gardens and experts across North America, and most importantly, it sets to educate and open the eyes of viewers.

Jason Wilcox explains what to look for prior to harvesting the bud.

Expect some grow-op envy watching the episodes if you are a grower yourself.  As a patient or recreational smoker, seeing the inner workings of the production facility of something that you’re taking into your body is also pretty kick-ass.

The first episode surrounds the facility of Clandestine Gardens and the third shows the inside of Fine Detail Greenway’s set-up; both producing commercial product available in dispensaries across Washington State.

And, while the production facility in episode 2 goes unnamed, veteran grower, activist, celebrity host, and Cannabis in Canada Society founder Jason Wilcox takes us on a tour to reveal some amazing football-sized buds.

Justin shows off a large-scale 100% organic facility.

With such big players involved and the social stigma surrounding the industry as it comes out of prohibition, I would not at all be surprised if the show makes its way into mainstream television.

Show creator Jeremy Deichen spoke into this in a recent press release saying:

I have no doubt that social curiosity of how cannabis is grown and the people behind it is enough to make this show popular.

“You don’t need to be a grower to be fascinated by all the money and facilities that are being created all over Canada and the United States right now to keep up with the demand of recreational and medical users. That’s what makes this show great; it’s open to anyone with a curiosity, which I think is something that’s becoming more socially acceptable and widespread as political progression leads towards a future of legal cannabis.”

Your Hostess: Amanda MacKay

And of course for any good show it always helps to have an attractive host. Growing Exposed feels very lucky to have Amanda MacKay, who comes with a long list of previous television experience.

Early in her career she got her start  as an MTV Canada host, later becoming known for appearances in E3: All Access Live, GT TV, Gametrailers, and variouslive launch events across the Spike TV and MTV networks. Filmed just outside where she now calls home in Los Angeles, Amanda sets up the visits to the garden tours from a Woodland Hills studio, throwing between the garden tour with ask the expert segments that bring more insight into the hydroponics world.

Not only does the film crew give you unprecedented access into a new large-scale licensed commercial grow-op each episode, but they also discuss the differences, pros, cons, strains, methods and equipment they use in their highly specific (and highly expensive) set-ups.

Author of The Grower’s Handbook, David Robinson, has a segment in each episode where he helps simplify the growing process helping beginner to expert growers. In addtion to David’s advice, there is another segment that interviews the companies that are creating products for the hydroponic industry.

Growing Exposed takes you inside the manufacturing process, making sure you are hearing information on leading-edge products direct from the horse’s mouth.

This show is going places, it’s only the first of many new radical cannabis resources set to emerge over the next few years, but don’t take our word for it, go check out the first four episodes online at

Jeremy Deichen


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