Find Happiness Naturally with TJ’s Gardens

Find Happiness Naturally with TJ’s Gardens

Find Happiness Naturally with TJ’s Gardens

In an industry as dynamic as recreational cannabis, TJ’s Gardens strives to be a unique, community-minded company that provides high quality products to its patients and customers.

Founded by three Oregonians in 2009, TJ’s owners (Travis MacKenzie, Jim Murphy, and James Orpeza) believe cannabis is not only safe, but also healthy. They chose not to follow the traditional “stoner” path and instead created a healthier, more welcoming brand that spoke more to people who feared marijuana, as well as the daily user. Their mentality was that the daily user is educated enough to go where the best product is (which you will find plenty of at the two TJs dispensaries in Eugene and any of their partner dispensaries throughout Oregon), but new users need to feel comfortable in a culture that might be unfamiliar to them.

TJ’s Organic Provisions, a dispensary located in West Eugene, attempts to make the buying experience as pleasant and stress free as possible. They offer produce-infused water (cucumber or lemon/lime), coffee and tea in the foyer. You are then escorted into the dispensing area, where the shelves seem to float from the reclaimed barn wood used to design the infrastructure. The bamboo floors contrast nicely with the quartz counter tops and the large smiles from the budtenders.

TJ’s Organic Provisions is mostly known for their award-winning flower. They are the main outlet for TJ’s Gardens, who have been producing award-winning marijuana products for as long as there were places to win awards. After your purchase, there is an easy exit to the parking lot, creating a very feng shui flow. If you purchased some of TJ’s award-winning flower, you are in for a very pleasant experience, make sure to pay attention to the smells and flavors! Lastly TJ’s Gardens offers a guarantee with all of their products that you’ll receive an extra feeling of comfort when you purchase from any of their brands.

There are lots of new things coming from TJ’s in 2017. On topof continuing to provide the community with high quality cannabis products through TJ’s Organic Provisions, they also recently opened TJ’s on Willamette. Located at the famous Harlequin Building in downtown Eugene, this modern dispensary is across the street from the legendary McDonald Theater at 1027 Willamette. With a speakeasy theme and a great location, this is one of the coolest dispensaries that Oregonians have access to today.

The TJ’s Kids Program, also known as the Forest Initiative, is one of the organization’s proudest endeavors. This program provides free CBD oil to children who are in need of medical support for seizures and other conditions that are detrimental to their well-being. There are opportunities for you to donate to this great cause. Contact TJ’s today to learn more about how cannabis saves lives.

TJ’s is also starting a wholesale company. TJ’s Reefer Distribution aims to be the industry’s leader in providing storage and transportation for producers, processors and retailers. By using temperature-controlled vans, known as reefer vans, TJ’s Reefer Distribution will connect the industry’s top dispensaries with the producers and processors manufacturing Oregon’s best cannabis products. Keep an eye out for their cool (pun intended) reefer vans.

If you love edibles, you definitely have to check out TJ’s edible brand, Cannavore. Focusing mostly on gummies, hard candy and chocolate caramels, Cannavore’s award-winning products are a favorite among Oregon’s edible lovers. Also, keep an eye out for their cannabis-infused smoked salmon!

2017 is going to be a big year for TJ’s. With the addition of a TJ’s dispensary on Powell in Portland, you should be able to find TJ’s products almost anywhere cannabis is sold in Oregon. So, keep an eye out for the TJ’s Reefer Distribution vans carrying TJ’s Gardens’ flower and Cannavore edibles. Be sure to check out a TJ’s dispensary, as well as looking for TJ’s products in other retail outlets statewide. Go find happiness naturally with TJ’s Gardens!

Photos courtesy of TJ’s Gardens

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