Review | Vape Pen | Chalice

Review | Vape Pen | Chalice

Hybrid concentrate with a clean, powerful high.

Review | Vape Pen | Chalice

Oh my friends, I know; there are thousands upon thousands of vape pens to choose from. Check out pages 52 and 53 of the February 2017 issue of Stoner Magazine for some supporting info on why I’m so adamant about this particular oil recipe. When you’re looking for a simple, affordable, on-the-go cannabis vape, I highly suggest checking out Chalice’s hybrid cartridge.

When you’re looking for a simple, affordable, on-the-go cannabis vape, I highly suggest checking out Chalice’s hybrid cartridge.

Chalice’s hybrid cartridge has a really clean, smooth hitting recipe. I am personally really susceptible to massive headaches from the majority of other C02 extracted oils. The hybrid oil just released is a hybrid of all of Chalice’s trim. All of their strains artfully blended together creates a high that feels functional, clean, and sustains gracefully. The oil is fully winterized, it’s a wax free product, and contains an organic cotton wick. I’m really digging their three color options for their Vuber batteries, available in red, white or green. They used over-sized draw holes and elements to provide better airflow and vapor production in their cartridges. It’s been freezing here in Portland, walking the street and hitting this thing is amazing. Once the chamber heats up you can get pretty generous hits for such a compact pen.

Chalice prides themselves on their knowledge of cannabis and their lab clearly proves it with their top tier concentrates and cannabis oil. With over 30 strains, all of their flower and products are lab tested for THC, CBD, pesticides, mold, mildew and packaged in childproof containers.

Something extremely impressive about Chalice Farms is their laboratory grade grow facilities. The air flowing into the plant’s environment is treated through a series of HEPA and charcoal filtration systems. All of their facilities are treated and sealed with special sealants that inhibit the growth of molds and mildews. They have instituted hospital standard cleanliness to keep everything safe and non-toxic. Impressively enough, these guys have some of the most consistent product on the market today.


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Jared Masters

Jared Masters

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