Review | Smoking Device | Stonedware

Review | Smoking Device | Stonedware

Review | Smoking Device | Stonedware

With Chic Designs and Stylish Smoke Sessions, the Modern Smoking Instrument Has Landed.

With the ever-increasing legalization of marijuana, smoking accessories and pot paraphernalia have come a long way. Gone are the days when you peruse your local headshop only to begrudgingly choose between an array of 420 embellished, rasta-centric glass pipes. Sure, they’ll get you through a couple of hard hitting smoke sessions until “that one friend” knocks it off the coffee table, causing a cataclysmic eruption of red, gold, and green, but do they enable a stylish session?

These days we are given more aesthetically pleasing, deluxe alternatives. We now have the resources to ditch that dodgy old weed pipe, and opt for making a statement with a smoking piece designed with a modernist’s eye.

Take it from ceramicist Ariel Zimman, founder of Stonedware Company based out of Portland, Oregon. Ariel has created geometric stylized smoking wares which are ergonomically designed, individually crafted from porcelain, and finished with a food-safe glaze. Some of her signature pieces even feature 22k gold accents.

When Stoner Magazine asked Zimman what inspired her to create her unique product and start her company, she responded, “I have been working with clay (and smoking weed!) for many years. I started Stonedware in 2015 with a desire to create stylish smoking wares designed with more modern, high-end aesthetic than anything I had seen on the market. I look forward to continuing to design and produce new products that work to break the “hippie stoner” stereotype so often associated with pipes and other cannabis accessories.”

A new, stylish smoking experience, Stonedware pipes feel great in your hand and look chic on your table. Combining high-end modern design and handmade craftsmanship, Stonedware Company creates smoking wares that are made to be displayed as art in your home.

We’ll take two, please!

To see more of Ariel’s work, Click Here to follow on Instagram. Available for purchase at

Brittney Mesica

Brittney Mesica

Brittney is a Los Angeles native and Southern Oregon transplant with a passion for music, photography, fashion, and canna-culture! Currently working as a music booking agent and events coordinator for Southern Oregon venues- she has curated shows for national and international touring artists and hosted many cannabis commerce events such as Marijuana Mixers, Canna-balls, and private company events for cannabis bigwigs like The CO2 Company. She has experience in publications with articles that have been featured in Oregon’s 1859 Magazine and Sunset Magazine. With an undying thirst for travel, and after recently returning from a hazy trip overseas to Amsterdam, Brittney has made it a goal to smoke out on every continent! When not working or traveling, she spends her time doing freelance photography and taking care of her three-legged cat, Puffin.


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