Stoner’s Special Lover’s Gift Guide

Stoner’s Special Lover’s Gift Guide

We hope you enjoy Stoner’s special picks for fun romantic gift items that just might bring out the sweet beast in you and your loved one!

Stoner’s Special Lover’s Gift Guide

Whether you are newly married, been married for what seems an eternity, casually dating or in a dating relationship that is heating up…. our Lover’s Gift Guide has something for you. 

Cannabis has been known to bring out the tenderness in everyone. It can cause persons to be laid back and sexy, as well as joyful and good natured… all of which lend to romance and togetherness.

We hope you enjoy Stoner’s special picks for fun romantic gift items that just might bring out the sweet beast in you and your loved one!

Odor Free Storage

IHit iPhone Phone Case

Like so many Apple enthusiasts, iPhone owners insist the iPhone is the best thing since sliced bread. Since the creation of the iHit iPhone phone case, we just might have to agree!

Each iHit design features an odor free storage compartment engineered to stash all your smoking needs and essentials.

The iHit for iPhone 6/6s features a removable storage compartment designed to stash up to 5 pre-rolled smokes. It is a sleek and stylish dugout phone case for the iPhone. It comes complete with a full size, ceramic, cigarette style one-hitter. The iHit features a patent-pending spring-loaded upper compartment that raises the one-hitter pipe from the case. The lower compartment holds your stash in a relatively odor free, airtight, chamber. The iHit iPhone case is made of durable polycarbonate material which is not only lightweight, but also offers the best available protection for your phone. For a comfortable hand feel, the case is sprayed with a silicone grip. The iHit is available in multiple colors.

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Sensual Enhancement Oil

Sacred Herb Medicinal Topicals

For those sensual nights with your significant other, many have never experienced the unique sensations that a cannabis infused lubricant can bring to your relationship. Cannabis, being a natural aphrodisiac, stimulates sexual desire – increasing blood flow and promoting relaxation. Sacred Herb’s personal lubricant uses only natural nut oils and cannabis to bring its users a truly unique experience.

This lubricant not only enhances the pleasures of intercourse by heightening sensations, but it also can be very helpful in alleviating pain associated with it. Menstrual cramps and endometriosis can also be helped by this product when it’s applied to an organic natural tampon. Menopausal woman can also find relief by Sacred Herb’s product, helping them “feel like new again!”

Harnessing the properties of decarboxylated cannabis, and made from a blend of fifteen different herbs,
essential oils, waxes and butters, these products are infused from all natural ingredients into natural oils.

Oregon based with a true understanding of the needs and desires of Oregonian’s, Natural Herb Medicinals is doing it right! Be sure to help the woman in your life, whether it’s your significant other or yourself – don’t miss out on Sacred Herb’s amazing line-up of products to enhance your sensual nights!

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Hand Made Necklace

Smokies Toke Couture

This beautiful handmade necklace with an antique brass cannabis leaf will be an incredible addition to your jewelry collection. Embossed with a detailed resin rose, this piece will demand attention when worn. Available in different colors and with matching earrings, be sure to order online before they’re all gone! Being packaged in a jewelry box, this also makes  wonderful gift for your sweetheart! Also, be sure to check out SmokiesTokeCouture’s other cannabis jewelry and products. Use coupon code STONERMAG10 for 10% off a purchase until February 14th!

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The Marijuana Chef Cookbook

By S.T. Oner

Featuring 15 all-new dishes, S.T. Oner came out with a new, improved, and expanded full-color paperback edition of this popular cannabis cookbook. Filled with 55 easy and awesome recipes – including vegan and vegetarian options, many Oregonians will love these cannabis infused options. Great for house parties or just a quick after dinner treat, this book is a must have! WIth Valentine’s day right around the corner, try this out for starters, main dishes, desserts, drinks or treats- all incorporating one of four easy extraction methods using butters, oil and alcohol.

Published by Green Candy Press.
Available through online bookstores.

Saturn CBD bath Bomb

Chakra Bath Bombs

Now imagine… turning off your cellphone, pouring yourself a glass of wine, grabbing the latest issue of Stoner Magazine, and lighting a candle. You start running your bathwater, throw in a bath bomb, and make sure to have your joint nearby. After all the crap you’ve dealt with at work, at home, at the grocery store, you can’t wait to slip underneath that steaming hot water and spark up your favorite flower. And then it’s time.. you immerse yourself in the tub and let all your stress wash down the overflow with the displaced water.

BudSuds has created a variety of topical products that are a perfect blend of aromatherapy and cannabis. Believing in the medical benefits the plant offers, empowered them to combine it with other natural ingredients to deliver a safer way to protect our skin’s barrier. Budsuds is using the plant in a whole new way!

Did you know: topical cannabis, hemp oil and cannabinoids have been found to have anti-aging, anti-oxidant, antiinflammatory properties and are very beneficial for skins with dry conditions that include eczema and psoriasis. Making their products all natural and free of all unnecessary additives and chemicals is important to them. They are putting a new perspective on going “green”!

Check out one of BudSud’s popular products, the Saturn CBD bath bomb. Learn to balance your Root Chakra with this warm, earthy grounding blend of essential oils. As the bath ends, a Red Jasper tumbled stone will fizz and will infuse your bath water with positive vibrations that travel throughout the water and seeps into your skin. Red Jasper alleviates stress and helps reconnect with Earth’s grounding energies. Its cleansing effect eliminates negativity, returning it to its source, and stabilizing the aura.

This is the perfect gift for someone you love! Give them and remember to treat yourself when you place your order!

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