Fruit & Flower | A Wine & Weed Pairing Guide

Fruit & Flower | A Wine & Weed Pairing Guide

Five grueling days of smelling, grinding, rolling, pouring, drinking, smoking, pondering, and much pleasure defines “The Fruit & Flower Pairing of 2017.”

Fruit & Flower | A Wine & Weed Pairing Guide

Grape juice. Cannabis. Grown in lush Oregonian soils from North to South.

Three reds, three whites, paired with six of Oregon’s premier flowers from some of the most prominent growers in the state.

I hope your palate are cleansed and your minds are open. Because directly after reading this, you will certainly be on the hunt to acquire these tried and true combinations put together by a true enthusiast, and genuine wine and cannabis connoisseur.

Here is the result of five grueling days of smelling, grinding, rolling, pouring, drinking, smoking, pondering, wondering, wandering, highs, lows, scoring, note taking, hangovers, science, picking, choosing, and then finally, matches were made, bottles and buds were kicked off the kitchen island, and pairs were forever placed together in a pairing so fair, it will for the rest of eternity be known as, “The Fruit & Flower Pairing of 2017.”

Now that the dramatic intro is over let’s get down to business!

Stoner Magazine Weed Point System

All cannabis will be given the same opportunity by starting it off with the same benefit of 50 points. From that 50 point base score a number of other elements in the cannabis will give it additional points i.e.: color: 5 points, trim: 5 points, aroma: 10 points, taste: 5 points, finish: 5 points, origin: 5 points, cure: 5 points, effect: 10 points.

What do the cannabis scores mean?

86-89 | Good cannabis – looks good, smokes good, good quality, good effect.

90-94 | Very good, excellent cannabis – delicious, well cured, overall superior quality, typicity, very good effect.

95-100 | Exceptional quality cannabis, balanced, classic and highly sought after. Exceeds expectations, epiphany effect, beautiful presentation, incredible taste.

2013 Cowhorn Sentience + CatsandGravy Medicinals Juicy Fruit

This strain of Juicy Fruit radiates sweet, euphoric fruit fragrances, reminiscent of OG Bubblegum.
Delivering hints of early morning dew and peach, with a finish of rich earthy tones scores this strain 92 Pts. Well-cured, well-trimmed. The textural component of this smoke was considerably thicker; different than what I was expecting from this strain but incredibly complimentary to the syrah we paired it with.

The 2013 Sentience (100% syrah) from Cowhorn has a magnificent dark purple color glimmering with accents of ruby red. The nose of this wine takes me to a field of ripening plums and a mess of plump blackberry bushes. Lush tannins extend smooth and plentiful flavors. Excellent finish, scoring 94 Pts.

The combination of these two high quality products grown on the same Estate hits the mark, 9/10 points for an unforgettable experience.

2013 Woolridge Creek Tempranillo + Applegate Gold Purple Hindu Kush

Applegate Gold’s Purple Hindu Kush is what Southern Oregon outdoor cannabis should be. The look, rosy smell and wildflower taste takes me back to my Southern Oregon roots. The purple colors and frosty appearance of this PHK is not only highly desirable but 100% accurate to the origin of the strain. This impeccably grown and cured flower scores 96 Pts.

Woolridge Creek Vineyards 2013 Tempranillo from Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley offers clean aromas of cedar, cinnamon and dark chocolate covered cherries. Perfectly rounded tannin and a silky long-lasting finish score this red wine 92 Pts.

The acid driven Tempranillo with the earthy roots of classic Southern Oregon outdoor grown bud is an enchanting pair. A very popular choice amongst the team, acquiring 8/10.

2015 Cowhorn Spiral 36 + CatsandGravy Medicinals Presidential Kush

C & G’s Presidential Kush was grown deep in the heart of Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley, on a
privately leased portion of the Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden Estate. Drinking wine paired with cannabis grown from the same soil left me looking for relative properties-shared terroir-between the two. The fruit from this white wine blend and the Presidential Kush were both biodynamically grown and harvested, making this a highly desirable combination.

The smell of the 2015 Spiral 36 is truly floral upfront. Aroma of blooming flowers and spring time transform into hints of crisp pear, with biodynamically influences, and finishes with flavors of a honey crisp apple. Refreshing and delightful, 93 Points.

The Presidential Kush has a very earthy, piney smell, scoring 90 points-not too bad for a first time crop. It’s a good smoking flower with effects that are immediate and clean. The earth and pine characteristics of the kush accompanied with the flowering aromas and fruit flavors of the Spiral 36 make this a genuinely Southern Oregonian experience for all of your senses. We give this pairing a 7/10. We expect to see a promising future of fruit and flower coming together in harmony.

2014 King Estate Pinot Noir + TJ’s Organic Gardens Chocolate Kush

This Chocolate Kush undoubtedly smells and tastes like dark chocolate. An immaculate cure, an unfathomable cocoa and coffee bean flavor and a full bodied smoking profile gives this flower 96 points. The effects were layered and continuously enjoyable. I highly recommend this robust Kush.

The initial aroma of King Estate’s Pinot Noir offered an unexpected yet attractive astringency and deeper layers of lush ripe plum. On the front palate flavors of tart cherry and raisin with hints of sweet strawberry on the finish. Smooth and silky tannins slowly cross the tongue. It’s an excellent pinot noir true to the climate of the Estate’s Eugene hills. Score, 92 points.

This chocolate and pinot pairing is a phenomenal experience. Washing down the smoke residue with a small sip of pinot noir creates the sensation that you’ve just ate a dark chocolate truffle. No exaggeration. Pairing these two Eugene native brands is a 9/10 experience!

2015 King Estate Pinot Gris + Moss Crossing True Blueberry

This perfectly trimmed bud was enormous, incredibly dense, and decadently dressed in red
hairs. Moss Crossing’s True Blueberry had me in a dream state simply by squeezing and smelling it. Aromas and tastes are true to the strains blueberry origin. Guessing high levels of terpineol. The dripping residue from this joint stained my senses with lilac and blue haze, then continued to haunt me with an active, sustaining high. The effects were happy and euphoric. Score for this quality cannabis, 94 Pts.

King Estate’s 2015 Pinot Gris has a crisp apple aroma, with revealing flavors of pear and pineapple. Brightly acidic, nicely balanced and an elongated finish. 90 Pts.

The blueberry flavor adds a interesting component to the tropical characteristics of the pinot gris. Refreshing for any hot summer pool party or rafting adventure. Overall this combination receives a 7/10.

2015 Brooks Sweet P Riesling + TJ’s Organic Gardens MK Ultra

This MK Ultra is an extremely citrusy strain. Perfect presentation, exploding with citrus and lime fragrance. The MKU’s terpenes deliver the same flavor while being smoked; a delightful sensory overload for all to experience. The slowly creeping effects left me relaxed, attentive and in a state of pleasure. Near perfection- 99 Pts. Upfront, Brooks’ Sweet P Riesling offers the perfect amount of sweetness with smooth citrus flavors, honey suckle and paper whites. Perfect for brunch, Brooks Old Vine Sweet P Riesling lands at 92 Pts.

MKU’s tangerine peel flavors with the weight and rich qualities of the Sweet P Riesling were divinely complimentary, mere perfection. This combination scores an 8/10.

All amazing wine and weed color photos by Sir Sebastian King.

We’d like to hear about your favorite “Wine and Weed Pairing for 2017.” Please do leave your comments below.

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