Review | Glass Art | Sven Glass

Review | Glass Art | Sven Glass

Review | Glass Art | Sven Glass

This trio may seem out of place on your coffee table, but they would look right at home nestled in a dense rainforest canopy. One of the pieces resembles a nepenthes, also known as a pitcher plant. While the smoking device appears to be a deadly carnivorous plant, this piece eats nugs as opposed to bugs. The other piece mimics a delicate tropical flower. With its beautiful lifelike petals, purple colors, and exotic shape, the piece itself feels like it’s alive; It looks as though at any moment it could start winding a vine around your wrist as you smoke.

Artist Michael Sveneson began blowing glass in 2010. He came from the east coast in search of adventure and passion, settling in Oregon where his passion is evident through the art he creates.

You can find additional glass art he creates on his 

instagram: @svenglass

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