Dab Review | Strawberry Fields

Dab Review | Strawberry Fields

Echo Electuary | Strawberry Fields

Dab Review | Strawberry Fields
Strawberry Fields forever is how I felt after trying this nug run from Echo Electuary. Uplifting, euphoric and carefree, with a sweet fragrance and upfront berry flavor. Not often do you come across BHO rocking an insane terpene profile of 8.2%!
THC: 68.7% Total Terpenes: 8.2% Review: 4.5/ 5 | Excellent!
Echo has been setting the standard since 2014 specializing in high quality since 2014 specializing in high quality cannabis infused honey. Based in Eugene, Echo takes advantage of all the Willamette Valley has to offer starting with the bees. Although honey may be their claim to fame, I was fortunate to pick up some of their nug run shatter from Collective Awakenings on a shatterday afternoon. Having always been a believer in the saying “you get what you pay for,” I have never been one to spend more than $40 on a gram to ease my pain. But, in comparison to the “poop soup,” some processors have been getting away with at $30+ per gram, this was a no brainer. Props to Collective Awakenings for offering premiere nug runs discounted down to trim run prices, especially from legendary processors like Regis Philburn. I had to go for it after hearing great things about their Lodi Dodi drop that sold out quickly the week before. I got home and snapped off a nice hunk of this strawberry gold, dropping a generous serving into my Halen Trough…the effects were sublime. Suffering from severe arthritis due to chemo, my joints get sore, but the Indica dominance of this strain had my body tingling instantaneously. As my body buzzed, my head tingled with an uplifting, energetic high. Just enough sativa to feel creative, with plenty of body high to ease my pain. Excited to see what the Electuary harvests for us next. Send us your favorite Canna Consumption review to share with fellow engaged Stoner Magazine readers. Email us at [email protected]

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