Grow Spotlight | Shiloh Water Systems | Family Owned and Operated, Professional Water Experts

Grow Spotlight | Shiloh Water Systems | Family Owned and Operated, Professional Water Experts

Grow Spotlight | Shiloh Water Systems | Family Owned and Operated, Professional Water Experts

Did you know water has its own unique fingerprint? Quite often, it’s water’s very own unique fingerprint/chemistry that can challenge the most talented horticulturist.

Shiloh Water Systems has over 35 years’ experience analyzing water chemistry, designing well systems, and customized treatment solutions to remove contaminants, chemicals, minerals—essentially anything that isn’t water. They offer free onsite water testing to determine your water’s unique composition, as well as customized and scaled treatment plans for your business. A great source of expert knowledge for growers, Shiloh Water has been working with farmers, growers, brewers, restaurant owners and the list goes on… for many years to get them the quality of water needed to succeed in business.

Founded in 1999, by owner Mike Lowrie, with 20 years’ experience in the water quality industry already under his belt, Shiloh’s family business grew from just one man, with a passion for water treatment and service, to sixteen employees (six of them family members) and counting. Mike’s expertise and no-nonsense approach to system design, problem-solving, troubleshooting and treating difficult and challenging water problems is what sets Shiloh Water Systems apart. The cannabis industry has opened up a new, unexpected and welcomed business opportunity for Shiloh. Cannabis solutions vary from grower to grower depending on the water source and growing process.  

Because of the recent legalization of Cannabis in Oregon, growers have been coming out of the woodwork. Where once growers were concerned to reveal what their crop was, now they can share information about their unique operations and challenges, passing that knowledge onto the already seasoned water professionals at Shiloh Water Systems. Nathan Lowrie, their director of Sales and Marketing, as well as the owner’s son, has been stunned by all of the high maintenance equipment he has encountered on the job that is often costly, inefficient and unnecessary. A customized solution ensures maximized efficiencies, minimized waste and lower maintenance, putting money back where it belongs—into the grow, making it even more successful.

“We have found that a lot of growers will use basic filtration systems for the soil that eliminate heavy metals and chemicals added by city water systems, but more and more the trend is in hydroponics, where the growers want complete purification systems – starting at zero, providing growers complete control of the water chemistry,” he said. Starting with an onsite water analysis enables businesses to establish a benchmark or baseline of water chemistry to work from, and Shiloh Water can work with each individual grower to establish a specific chemistry goal.

Custom pump/well system design is also a strength of this company, which benefits the cannabis industry. Whether you need a submersible pump, a jet pump or an irrigation pump system, Shiloh designs custom systems to help canna-businesses grow the best possible product. They also offer 24/7 emergency service, repair and maintenance for worry-free operations. This family owned, Oregon company truly embraces the Northwest, offering Kinetico products that are low maintenance, environmentally friendly and made in the USA.

There are other water quality professionals out there, but none have been nearly as candid, present, and forthcoming about their involvement and level of engagement with their cannabis business comrades. Present at cannabis events, expos, and otherwise available to share their experience and unique expertise, Shiloh Water Systems is definitely among the most recognized industry professionals in Oregon. Their involvement in the cannabis industry can only mean improved flower quality for growers and contribute to a stronger grow industry as a whole.  


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