Weird News | Stoner Santa, Pooches & Pot, and Bud Rot Ruins Crop

Weird News | Stoner Santa, Pooches & Pot, and Bud Rot Ruins Crop

Weird News | Stoner Santa, Pooches & Pot, and Bud Rot Ruins Crop


An unlikely ‘Santa’ was caught by state troopers with a trunk full presents that any stoner would be happy to receive. After being pulled over for following too close, Daniels Yates, 31, was trafficking what police say was worth $330,000 worth of marijuana.

Christmas trees, snowflakes and beautiful bows adorned the presents; As police tore off the wrapping paper, they were surprised with 71 lbs of marijuana, a pound of hash wax oil and 360 THC pills. What a very un-Merry Christmas for some unfortunate souls, having lost one of the greatest gifts given to humanity. Poor Daniel Yates, if convicted, is facing a maximum of 16 years in prison and up to $30,000 in fines.


Veterinarians across the state and country have seen a sharp increase in pets getting high. Although edibles are the number one culprit, bong water, leaf and vaping can also be blamed. Pet owners are advised: Marijuana is loved by everyone.

Two sisters, both Petite Shelties, found themselves racking up an astronomical vet bill for their owners when their curiosity got the best of them. The first pup stumbled upon hard candy edibles in the car, the other found cannabis flower on the dining room table. After ingestion, each were given activated charcoal by their vet to absorb the marijuana and their owners were given nearly $3,000 in bills.

These pets are only a couple who’ve encountered this plight. Although the pot perpetrators are typically dogs who are finding cannabis infused treats, there are also reports of cats, rabbits, pigs, ferrets, and birds being exposed to all sorts of cannabis consumption.

Stoned pets often exhibit the same behavior as humans: lethargy, red, glassy eyes, and hunger. Most pets will only need to detox; make sure they are well hydrated. Few, however, will need medical assistance. Be aware of the size of your pet and the amount of cannabis consumed to inform your vet if assistance is needed. Please help keep your pets safe, and your weed.


Being a true Oregonian, folks embrace the rain around the state, failing to use umbrellas and sloshing around in shorts, beards and flip flops year-round. The Willamette Valley is known for its luscious landscapes, beautiful terrains and most embrace the rain because of this. Southern Oregon growers however are not as impressed this year; Growers were greeted with uninviting news as harvesting season was upon them.

Mold spread quickly throughout the crops in Southern Oregon this fall, consuming a large amount of plants after an onslaught of heavy rains. Many defeated growers stacked their moldy marijuana in large piles, their height towering well above the typical man. Although stoners had no intention of smoking this soiled greenery… at least it had an opportunity to go up in flames, in all its glory!

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