TWAX: The Art of the Joint

TWAX: The Art of the Joint

Our strategy is to make a joint so good, it sells itself.

TWAX: The Art of the Joint

Ah, the joint.

In my experience, it is the most enjoyable form of consuming cannabis. The wizardry that goes into rolling and crafting your own is an intimate process.

Plucking the ripe fruit from its limbs, grinding down the delicate flower, twisting the paper into an open coffin to lie the herbs crushed remains in, gingerly rocking it back and forth in the paper for shape, then swaddling and sealing the edges. Kindly add fire to the the tip, slowly turn the joint as it sizzles. The intense heat radiating, burning the resin, allowing a full bodied and dynamic profile of cannabinoids to meet your senses. Sip, or take a sizable inhale. Exhale, C+O2 —> C02, then, miraculously, the high shortly after activates.

Let me now begin with a new word for the new year, “Twax.” For those of you who know, you know. For those of you who don’t know what “twaxing” is, open your eyeballs a little wider, and dive in.

Twax; to decadently dress your joint/flower with the form of concentrated cannabis of your choice. You can crumble shatter on a bowl or shake kief in or around your joint. Some will snake a long line of oil up and around the joint. Any way you want to modify the flower with a cannabis concentrate would be considered twaxing.

This takes smoking a joint to the next level. Not quite a dab, and not just the flower feels. The hybrid high that happens will vary of course. But over all for me, twaxing done right, results in pure organic ecstasy.

Now, let me introduce you all to some truly inspiring individuals in our local cannabis space who are making waves in this ever expanding community.

Meet Courtney & Tony. (AKA @SheSmokesJoints & @TonyGreenHand)

Two 27 year old cannabis entrepreneurs who have seriously revolutionized the way we smoke joints. The idea to package pre-rolled, pre-twaxed joints was in their pocket a long time ago.

Making it a reality felt like an unrealistic stretch at first, but they decided to take the leap, and thus began their journey to twaxedom. In search of the perfect recipe of a premium oil concentrate to smother the product in, they befriended the CO2 Company, who had means to provide not only concentrate for twaxing, but also offered a killer distribution platform. They shook hands on a deal to create the collaboration that is now known as She Smokes Joints & CO2 Company Premium Twax Joints.

“Our strategy is to make a joint so good, it sells itself.”

In a market flooded with pre-rolls, finding a pre-twaxed joint is like finding the golden ticket inside of a Wonka Bar. The first time I saw the purple and black packaging with the words “Twax” on the side, I did a double take, then took it home and shared it with a group of friends. Everybody got high, every hit was delicious, and it burnt evenly and smoothly all the way through. Pure satisfaction. On the box it truthfully reads #SkillfullyRolled, and that my friends is a victory in itself.

Amongst their many talents, Courtney is an incredible photographer. She began capturing and sharing her brilliant photos of joints, twaxed joints, buds, smoke, and all other cannabis related things via multiple social media platforms (Instagram, Tumblr, Massroots, etc). The style and grace that is her brand captivated hundreds of thousands of smokers, building her present army of just around 300,000 followers on Instagram. The work she has put into all of her various social media accounts has caught fire over the past few years. Her unique feeds, and tasteful choice in the cannabis she shares, garnered worldwide attention, causing industry leaders to reach out in hopes of sharing her success.

The prequel to all of this fantastical business goes back to an old friend, in a different time, and a different place. It was a dear friend of theirs (who will go by @WA5280) who originally coined the term “Twax” and branded “Twax Gang.” Early on they decided to do a documentary on him, to cover the history of why, where, and how this term came to be.

The documentary was underway, and the camera crew was set to film. The man himself mic’d up ready for action, and they asked the question. “What does Twax mean?” His response: “Nothing, I just
like the way it sounds.” Thus, a legendary slang term was born. End of documentary. Months later, his partner tragically passed away in an accident, leaving him heart broken and wanting to commemorate her passing. It was she that inspired him to move forward with creating stickers that read RIP to his love with “Twax Gang” marked on the sticker. That love spread all across the states, and actually across the world. Twax became a household term for smokers everywhere.

“We wanted to help expand the brand, we wanted to use Twax and he wanted it out there, he said go for it, so here we are with Twax branded joints.”

The art itself, the rolling of a perfect joint isn’t an easy thing. How many friends do you have that roll shitty joints? Probably 95%. It’s an art, a developed skill. Even if you are the best joint roller on this side of the Mississippi, can you roll a joint that literally looks like Mike Tyson holding a spoon, that you can ACTUALLY smoke? I’m sure your thinking, What the heck is this guy talking about? Go on Google and type in Tony Greenhand. He is an actual Joint Artist. “Smokable Art” is the name of his game.

Tony began sculpting at an early age, first starting with clay. “I can’t wait to tell my grandkids, back when I was your age I rolled joints for a living! They’ll be like.. Sure you did Grandpa…”

His biggest commission so far was $7K to roll several joints that looked like different types of weapons. He rolled a 4.20 lb joint for a world record. He’s blazing a trail that few have yet to go down. Yet, both Courtney & Tony with all of their success, stay humble and true to their art, fans, and friends.

For Tony Greenhand, 2017 marked the year he makes his first international tour. “I just got a gig in Austria at a cannabis convention, I’m honestly not even sure if its legal there” Tony said laughing. He’s also set to tour the Caribbean with the Marley Crew rolling at their shows.

“People: you can do absolutely anything you want in life. What ever your idea is, bring it to the table. If you want to roll joints for a living, do it, if you want to grow cannabis to help cancer patients, do it, it’s all up to you to make these things happen. The only person stopping you from exploding in this industry is yourself. So get out there and grab the world by the horns.”

Jared Masters

Freelance Content Writer, Social Media Director & Account Executive Stoner Magazine/Farmacy Magazine Jared worked with Popular Science, Inc. Magazine, Men's Health, Fortune, Car and Driver, Road & Track, Hot Rod & Custom, Motortrend, The Drive with Alan Taylor, Skidmarks and many more. Previous Founder & CEO of high end fashion brand Toccata Eyewear & Face Furniture. He also worked in Fine Art Sales with Vladimir Kush. He is a Portland-based writer and editor, with years of experience in PR, networking, coordinating events, blogging, social media, TV, Radio & Music production, broadcast journalism, brand strategy and copy writing. Jared broke into the cannabis industry several years ago and is well plugged into growers, dispensaries, and businesses associated with the cannabis industry.


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