Love & Weed | Cannabis Event Guide

Love & Weed | Cannabis Event Guide

The featured events are for couples and singles who are looking to get out of the house and chase the winter blues away!

Love & Weed | Cannabis Event Guide

February: the second month of the year in the northern hemisphere, it’s usually considered the last month of winter and also the shortest month. As stoners we know how boring winter can be, how it keeps you inside with all its dreariness. We also know that there are a lot of fun things to do in Oregon, I mean that’s why you live here right? So with that being said OF COURSE there’s cannabis activities year round that will help liven up the season. With Valentine’s Day soon approaching why not spend the day with the cannabis that you love and your significant other? The featured events are for couples and singles who are looking to get out of the house and chase the winter blues away!

Northfork 53

Give yourself the gift of a retreat and life may never feel the same again! The sunshine spilling through giant Spruce trees along a coastal hiking trail. The smell of the ocean on the wind. The taste of real tomatoes warm from the garden sun. The crackle of a campfire as you warm up around it on a chilly night. A weekend of painting, writing, meditating, cooking and laughing with friends, doing yoga riverside, playing music and remembering what fun and inner peace feel like! If you’ve been searching for the perfect place to go when you need to escape the stress of everyday life and rediscover your peace and happiness then North Fork 53 welcomes you; They offer you an oasis of simple living, organic local food and deep peacefulness. You can check out the upcoming retreats focusing on yoga, zen, and overall healing by visiting their website. There’s also additional information on how to book your own cannabis friendly private or professional retreat!

Couples Massage and Yoga Weekend for Valentine’s Day Weekend

February 10 at 6:00pm – February 12 at 3:00pm

Come celebrate Valentine’s Day by learning new partnership skills! This retreat will show couples how to do relaxing massages for each other and also how to practice yoga as a team. Two days of blissful retreat and essential partnership skill building just in time for Valentines!  Make sure to reserve your spot as there is limited space available!

Contact Northfork 53 for more information at:

77282 Hwy 53
Nehalem, OR 97131
[email protected]

Pedal Bike Tours

Tour Portland like a true Portlandian, through the history, culture and brand-new retail industry of pot. Did you know one of the Willamette Valley’s first commercial crops was hemp? Our city’s fortunes have been tied to the cannabis plant since Oregon Country included all of present-day Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia. Oregon was the first state to decriminalize marijuana possession, and now you can explore some of the finest pot available  by bike!

Join Pedal Bike Tour’s relaxed eleven-mile journey and be introduced to the art of cannabis in Portland, whether you are a pot newbie or a connoisseur of the herb. They’ll start with describing the history of hemp and pot in this country and state, and detail exactly what, where and how purchasing and consuming cannabis products is legal. You’ll be taken to some favorite dispensaries and head shops; true legends in the cannabis society both locally and nationwide; and you can browse and shop for the finest locally-grown and organic strains, hand-blown art glass and carved wooden pipes. There will also be some suggested “pairings”; when Portlandians get the munchies, they look for the best sweet and salty food available. Think sustainable ingredients, locally-grown produce, hand-harvested salt, and yes: vegan options are available.

The tour includes bike, helmet, guided tour, food and a joint of local marijuana to take home (no consumption on the tour).

Contact Pedal Bike Tour for more information at:


: 133 SW 2nd Ave
Portland, OR 97204


[email protected]

Puff Paint and Pass

Painters and cannabis-users of various levels of expertise and from all over the world attend Puff, Pass & Paint to experience a sense of community in an intimate, inspired setting. You don’t want to miss out on what makes this the ultimate cannabis painting experience. Perfect event for birthdays, work parties, and holidays with your loved ones!

Smoking, eating edibles, and other marijuana intake is allowed and encouraged but certainly not required! Make sure to bring your own bud (BYOB) and your artistic talents. There will be clouds of smoke both on and off your canvas. Come prepared to smoke, paint, chat, indulge, and probably laugh harder than you ever had before!

Great times guaranteed!

Contact Puff Paint Pass for more information at:

303-420-TOUR (8687)
[email protected]

Puff Pass and Pottery Class


Puff, Pass & Paint classes at Prism House PDX is proud to announce Puff, Pass & POTtery in PDX, in collaboration with Stonedware! Join them for a smokey session to create your own inspired cannabis accessories! Plan your event and let your creative juices flow! Each session includes your choice of either a Stonedware spoon or chillum and ashtray combo, all supplies for painting your masterpiece, glazing by the Stonedware professionals, and shipping to your home or local pick-up. This makes for an awesome gift for Valentine’s Day! If you do have plans for this event, make sure to bring your own bud! (BYOB)

Contact Puff Pass and Pottery for more information at:

303-420-TOUR (8687)
[email protected]

High 5 Cannabis Tours

Whether you’re looking for the hot spots around town, a trip through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge or need a great attraction at your next event, High 5 Tours is willing and able to provide an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.  High 5 aims at providing guests with activities that highlight the cannabis industry in Portland and beyond.  High 5 works with companies to offer insider deals and offers as much as possible. So grab your friends and jump on the Yellow Pot Bus as we take you on an adventure! High 5 Tours offers a number of cannabis adventures to choose from, including the Grow House and Dispensary Tour!

Grow House and Dispensary Tour

Have you ever wondered where your favorite strain of weed comes from? Or what kind of hard work and dedication goes into producing the world’s best plant? Join High 5 Tours as we take you to Sticky Fingers Farm for an insider’s look at their grow operation with some much needed dispensary stops along the way. You don’t want to miss out on this intriguing tour!

Make sure to mention “stoner” will get 10% off any High 5 booking until March 31st!

Contact High 5 Cannabis Tours for more information at:

[email protected]

Cannabis Wedding Expo

March 26th

Save the Date: The Cannabis Wedding Expo to Arrive in Portland on March 26th!

Are you planning your wedding and have friends and family that want to partake in a little ganja during your big day? Do you want to make your wedding something special by choosing a cannabis friendly venue, or offering infused delicacies? If that’s the case then you’ll want to make sure to save the date for this incredible expo featuring trendsetting cannabis brands and wedding companies who support mindful cannabis consumption!

The interactive, educational day-long expo is open to the public, and an online directory of service providers offers further resources for couples who wish to incorporate cannabis into their wedding day celebration. The event will showcase companies and service providers who elevate the cannabis experience for all levels of consumers—those who are just cannabis curious to canna connoisseurs. Additionally, attendees can expect live music and some delicious food samplings from the vendors. Who wouldn’t want to be included in this  exclusive event?

Contact the Cannabis Wedding Expo for more information at:

The Left Bank Annex
101 N Weidler St
Portland, OR 97227
[email protected]

NW Cannabis Club

Valentine’s Day Treat Tuesday Event – February 14th

The NW Cannabis Club is Portland’s premier social cannabis membership club. For a reasonable fee, you’ll have access to: a 50 ft dab bar, vaporizers,  volcanoes , and e-nails. You’ll have the luxury of choosing between hanging out on the huge outdoor deck, the casual lounge, pergolas or by the dab bars. Grab a coat and your favorite cannabis and head down to the NW Cannabis Club to engage with other stoners, playing pool, shuffleboard or foosball. Like any proper stoner hangout, you’ll find plenty of munchies and good times to go around!

Will this Valentine’s Day be a lonely year for you, habitually single or recently separated? Will you be spending it with the love of your life, or recent fiance?  Whether you’re the former or the latter situations, make your way down to the NW Cannabis Club and spend your Valentine’s day with the cannabis you love! Come join us, we have some special treats in store for you!

Contact the NW Cannabis Club for more information at:

1195 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97202


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