Canna-tourism; Where to Go and What to Know

Canna-tourism; Where to Go and What to Know

Canna-tourism; Where to Go and What to Know

Globally, things are changing for that plant with the star-shaped leaves. Uruguay, Spain, Portugal, and Canada are just a few of the countries worldwide that have either legalized or decriminalized marijuana around the world. In the United States alone, you have Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Alaska, Nevada, and Washington, D.C. They have all legalized the recreational use of the drug. However, this means that there are still many states that have kept it illegal to use, cultivate, or possess.

There is a silver lining in this disparity. For those in legalized states and countries, a growing industry dubbed “canna-tourism” has blossomed, and several places have become vacation destinations for medical users and cannabis connoisseurs alike. But where to go, where to go? Well, make your flight reservations, load up your car, or even get those Amtrak tickets, and we’ll let you know where to go to light up, have fun, and stay mellow for your next vacation.

Before you head out, do your research.

While some countries may have decriminalized cannabis, a good many still impose hefty fines and only a certain amount can be carried. The last thing you want on a vacation is to end up using your cannabis vacation money to bail yourself or a loved one out of the clink and pay fines. Or worse yet, find out you’re facing a hefty prison sentence in a foreign country. Be sure that you are aware of whether it is legal or simply decriminalized and just how much you can carry. In some countries, it’s legal to carry, but selling it carries harsh sentences.

For example, if you totally want an all expenses paid trip to Siberia, all you have to do is carry more than six grams while visiting Mother Russia. Hop on over to Estonia, where you can possess up to 7.5 grams before you may end up behind bars. If you’re traveling to the land down under, be sure of wherever you are traveling within the country. Like the United States, some areas have decriminalized the drug while others offer stiff penalties. Better to be sure before you go or you might be spending your holiday behind bars.

The places you really want to hear about

Now about some places where you can get your vacation on while sipping from different types of vaporizers or nomming on that tasty edibles.

California just legalized recreational bud in 2016, but the tourism industry is already going strong. Need an educational, yet zen experience? Book the five-day retreat at Cannabliss, located in Ojai, California. Here, you’ll experience drum circles, sounds baths, black-light yoga, as well as a big focus on education from industry leaders.

Want a more pastoral experience, complete with technicolor sheep and horseback riding? Consider booking the experience at Feeling Groovy at Eagle Creek Ranch. They provide a daily happy hour with cannabis-infused appetizers and edibles. Better yet, they even provide cannabis in case you don’t want to risk traveling with your own.

Heading north to beautiful, if rainy, Washington, you’d be missing out if you didn’t try and make it at least once in your life to Seattle Hempfest. Held the third week of August, Hempfest bills itself as the world’s largest cannabis-related event. It’s a true festival in every sense of the word, with some 100,000 attendees and keynote speakers like Woody Harrelson and Willie Nelson. Washington is becoming known for its bud-and-breakfast and cannabis-friendly accommodations, as well.

If you’d like to head to Alaska, you should totally consider this as a must-go weed destination. Kush Tourism ranks the state as a number one cannabis destination, and why shouldn’t it be? Getting baked on “Alaskan Thunderf$ck” and kicking back to watch the northern lights sounds like a perfect way to chill during a vacation. Want something a little less landlocked? Book a cannabis-friendly whale watching tour. This destination gives new meaning to the term baked Alaska.

Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the first destination in the U.S. for canna-tourism. Colorado was the first to legalize and the first to actually begin the cannabis tourism industry. Choose a cannabis tour that will take you to grow operations, glass blowing shops, and dispensary. There are also several cannabis-friendly B&Bs. Colorado Cannabis Tours founder Michael Eymer says that the tourism industry is a big factor in the continued success of legalized marijuana.

One last thing before you pack your bag and check it for that plane ride to your chosen weed-cation. Make sure that you’re up to snuff with your cannabis manners and up to date with the local legislation and culture. This will make sure you don’t run afoul of the law or the locals and ensure you have fun.

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