Business Spotlight | Herb & Yoga

Business Spotlight | Herb & Yoga

By blending cannabis with the therapy of yoga, it promotes relaxation and can bring you to a higher level of consciousness.

Business Spotlight | Herb & Yoga

Business owners Katrina and Tony have spun two amazing things together, cannabis and yoga. A new and growing trend of canna-yoga, is taking the recreational and medical states by storm and Herb N’ Yoga is no exception! By blending cannabis with the therapy of yoga, it promotes relaxation and can bring you to a higher level of consciousness. The studies are clear on the cannabinoids, THC and CBD. The American Cancer Society states that THC “can help relieve pain and nausea, reduce inflammation, and can act as an antioxidant.” It also states CBD, “can help treat seizures, and can reduce anxiety and paranoia.” According to the Livestrong Foundation, marijuana “can help reduce symptoms of muscle tension or muscular aches or pains.” Muscle tightness, spasms, and twitching are all found to decrease when smoking marijuana. Sounds like a perfect match doesn’t it?

Katrina’s eight year career in the healthcare field prepared her with a special insight into a bio-individual, holistic approach. After being offered a high paying position in her field, she discovered the modern medical world was no longer in alignment with her personal beliefs and set out on a path of alternative wellness options. Tony, meanwhile, has built his career excelling in management, training, leadership and dedicating himself to serving others and giving them a high quality customer service experience. On this path, her and her husband have been changing their nutrition and lifestyle in order to ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. Slowly through the art of meditation, yoga, natural healing, and improved nutritional habits, they are showing their family and community a better path to their relationship with food and the art of yoga.

After a dedicated home practice, Katrina decided a transition to yoga therapist made the most sense. Teaching, volunteering and helping others is their uniting passion. Once they found the connection between cannabis use and their love for yoga, there was no stopping them; All they needed was a catchy name! Their goal is to build a bridge between the cannabis connoisseur and yoga enthusiasts.

Right now classes are available at the Patient Grower Network (PGN) Lodge, every Saturday from 4:00 to 5:00pm with an obvious break at 4:20. BYOB! (bring your own bud). Cost for a class is $5.00 with PGN’s additional $5 door fee.

PGN is located at 4090 Cherry Ave. in Keizer, Oregon 97303. It is a membership lodge where you can consume on site and they have events with information available on their facebook page.

Herb N’ Yoga

Phone | 503-507-8310

Email Katrina | [email protected]
Email Tony | [email protected]

Website |
Instagram | @herbnyoga
Facebook | HerbNyogaOregon

PGN Lodge

Phone Number | 503-689-1057
Facebook | PGNLodge4090cherry


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