Stoner Cultivation | Growing Exposed | Immaculate Medicine

Stoner Cultivation | Growing Exposed | Immaculate Medicine

Stoner Cultivation | Growing Exposed | Immaculate Medicine

Vancouver is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and there’s no disputing this. Blessed with more natural beauty than you can imagine, home to rainforests, snow capped mountains, rugged coastal shorelines and golf courses that roll into the pristine beaches of the Pacific Ocean. Vancouver is a west coast gem, and some will argue even more beautiful, with its colossal sized and absolute incredible abundance of premium bud that’s being pumped out of the marketplace.

How exactly did this exceptional bud come to be? On Episode 4 of Growing Exposed, tour guide and veteran grower, activist and celebrity host Jason Wilcox takes viewers inside the combustion engine of one of the most immaculate medical grow veg-rooms on the planet.

Featured in the episode is a facility that’s producing some of the most exciting new strains of cannabis ever to take shape. Thanks to its highly sophisticated state of the art grow methods and technology, this facility is branding some serious bud, and garnering the attention of every grow connoisseur that strives for premium product.

Its called Coma Cush, and it offers an intoxicating state of relaxation, combined with superior medical benefits… and that is hitting a high-note for both recreational consumers, and those suffering from chronic pain ailments.

In the vegetative room they blast 600 watt metal halide bulbs designed specifically to target maximum blue spectrum. It also houses dual perpetual grow room chambers, that provide round the clock efficiency and allows for seamless production and mind blowing results.

Uncovered in this episode is a unique approach to keeping rows of cannabis plants under a good controlled environment, for when your crops hail at mammoth proportion. They use a volleyball net!

Also uncovered is the secret sauce behind this grow. They rely on the line up of Green Planet Nutrients and award winning fertilizers; like HydroFuel, and Massive… all designed to tantalize the taste buds of every level of grower.

We also venture down south to sunny Santa Cruz California, and go behind the scenes with James Cox of Method Seven. Method Seven designs specialty optics that provide unparalleled comfort, clarity and safety in unique and complex lighting situations. Learn how critically important protective eye wear is in maintaining optic health, and overall growing success. Did you know that you can actually damage your retinas completely over time if you’re not wearing proper protective eyewear while growing or harvesting? Method Seven launched in 2011 with the development of the Rendition™ lens to balance the harsh yellow light of High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps used commonly for indoor horticulture. Rendition™ is a mineral glass lens containing a proprietary neodymium blend that cuts light energy at 590 nanometers (a process known as notch filtering). With this innovation, Method Seven established the category for grow room optics and safety, and today remains the industry leader.

Finishing off the segment, we follow Jason Wilcox into a gorgeous flower room, which offers viewers a rare opportunity to learn exactly when it’s the perfect time to harvest. With this kind of unrestricted access, viewers are provided an up-close and personal look at Coma Cush bud right as it hits its optimum peak performance time for trimming.

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