Weird News | Potsquatch? | Snapchat Hazards

Weird News | Potsquatch? | Snapchat Hazards

Weird News | Potsquatch? | Snapchat Hazards


Oregon’s beautiful and lush forests create the perfect habitat for the elusive ape-like creature known as Sasquatch. Being that the Pacific Northwest has the most sightings of this elusive beast, we can certainly use him as one of our claims to fame. What we cannot do, however, is claim to have seen the more newly dubbed Potsquatch”.

During a snowstorm news coverage, Potsquatch decided to make an appearance and later found himself being viewed online over 1.5 millions times. Meteorologist, Jennifer Pagliei, began her report normally but as she continues to talk, a sasquatch covered in fake cannabis leaves lumbers slowly across the screen. Media outlets were quick to pick up the story and have now made this mythical creature somewhat of a celebrity.

The creature ended up being a mascot for a dispensary called Potco. Seeing the news crew in front of his dispensary, the owner, Dave Mech confirmed he was inside the Potsquatch suit, stating, “I saw them setting up and said this might be fun.”

Dave is a marijuana advocate and business owner. He believes cannabis can be used as a tool to help opioid addict.

He’s wild, he’s green and he wants to sell you a gram of weed. Dave is smart. Be like Dave.

To watch the full video please click the following link: Potsquatch  

Snapchat Hazards

Posing with hundred dollar bills, a bottle of beer and rocking a Trump hat, Brayden Garza of Scappoose, Oregon became somewhat of an internet sensation when he proudly posted his picture on Snapchat without realizing it would soon be available for the world to see. Although this social media allows users to share images that are explicitly short-lived and self-deleting, this young man found his image caught up in a much longer ordeal.

The Scappoose Police Department arrived at Garza’s home while the student was at school, intent on searching the 31000 block of Siercks Road. Arriving with a search warrant, the department seized a myriad of illegal substances including 3.5 ounces of marijuana and scales. Although this amount wouldn’t typically be illegal in Oregon, Garza is only 18 years old. The warrant was a result of information Garza posted incriminating himself through his Snapchat and Instagram accounts.  

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