Stoner News | Cultivation Classic | Colorado’s 1st Drive-Thru Dispensary

Stoner News | Cultivation Classic | Colorado’s 1st Drive-Thru Dispensary

Stoner News | Cultivation Classic | Colorado’s 1st Drive-Thru Dispensary

Local News

The Cultivation Classic Celebrates Oregon’s Craft Cannabis in May

Springtime is in full swing in Portland, and with it comes another year of Willamette Week’s Cultivation Classic, a wonderful day-long cannabis event and competition that highlights, celebrates, and discusses Oregon cultivators of ethically-grown and pesticide-free marijuana products.

The May 12th event is co-hosted by Farma, Cascadia Labs, Phylos Bioscience and the Resource Innovation Institute.  As these host names may indicate, this year’s Cultivation Classic truly considers and promotes the science of cannabis, boasting an “unprecedented level of scientific collaboration on the back end,” according to the event’s info page. Industry professionals and fans alike will gather to absorb the topics during the six-hour event, including advanced agriculture, genetics, research, therapeutic applications, and even innovations in carbon accounting for Oregon producers.

The event promises a roster filled with dynamic speakers, featuring many local favorites, such as Ashley Preece of the Ethical Cannabis Alliance, prolific area attorney Amy Margolis (see profile on page  22 of this issue), and State Congressman Earl Blumenauer. Rep. Blumenauer is on the speaking circuit frequently, consistently working on behalf of the developing cannabis industry, including taking part in the formation of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus.

This year’s competing producers makes for a long list – Mindful, 7 Points Oregon, and Yerba Buena (to name a few) – and it will be interesting to see who emerges from this competition with award-winning genetics. The selected judges are Portland locals, including cannabis industry professionals Jesce Horton and Samantha Montanero of Saints Cloud; Leah Mauer of the Weed Blog; and longtime medicinals producer, Jen Hyudma.

Hosted by area comedian Jason Rouse and guest presenter Congressman Earl Blumenauer, the awards ceremony will bring the event to a close. The hosts will reveal winning cultivators in nine categories including “Best Greenhouse THC,” “Best Outdoor 1:1,” and the inaugural “Innovation Award.”

The winners will be granted, among other things, their winning strain’s placement in the Phylos Galaxy by Phylos Bioscience. In a nutshell, the Phylos Galaxy is a genetic report that sports the unique digital interface of a “galaxy,” giving the user a comprehensive profile of their strain’s varietals, including closest relatives, uniqueness and population origin. Phylos and the Open Cannabis Project are conducting the important work of combatting looming big-business trademarks that threaten every marijuana producer’s ability to possess proprietary ownership to their own genetics.

If you are considering attending, rest easy knowing that a portion of ticket sales ($2 of $25) will be donated to the nonprofit Ethical Cannabis Alliance, an organization dedicated to protecting the environment, empowering cannabis workers, and promoting education to ensure integrity and ethics in cannabis production. You’ll also receive a Swag bag with deals, gifts, and the chance to win one of three coveted Pax3 vaporizers. You won’t have to go hungry either, Tastebud and Killa Dilla will have their food carts on site.

The details:
Friday, May 12, Noon to 8:30 p.m.
Revolution Hall


Colorado’s First Drive Through Dispensary Opened on 4/20

Across the street from his existing retail marijuana store in Parachute, Colorado, Mark Smith saw the car wash go up for sale. Then he had an idea. Subsequently, the nation’s first-of-its- kind drive-through dispensary was born. The “Tumbleweed Express Drive-Thru” had its opening day on April 20th. The Today Show and other national outlets were in town for the big event, along with food trucks, vendors, and a live DJ to ring in the celebration.  The Grand Opening festivities started at 1 p.m. and carried on until closing time, at midnight.

In addition to his drive-through dispensary, Mark Smith is the CEO of a cluster of dispensaries – also named “Tumbleweed.”  The flagship store sprang open in early 2016 in Parachute, and since then, the enterprise has taken up roots across the Western Slope of Colorado in places such as the Vail Valley, Frisco and Edwards.

The Tumbleweed Express Drive-Thru will be the first recreational marijuana shop to accommodate a vehicle pulling completely into the building. “As far as I can tell, we are not aware of this business model ever coming up before,” Marijuana Enforcement Division spokesmen Robert Goulding told the press. “It will have to follow all the rules and regulations that apply to every dispensary.  The same laws apply to the drive-thru as do the main dispensary.” Some of those rules include: additional security and surveillance at the point of sale, marijuana products being concealed from public view at all times, and nobody younger than 21 can be allowed along for the ride (even in the backseat).

Late-night service is offered through Smith’s drive-through, since Colorado law allows the sale of marijuana until midnight.  Prior to the opening of Tumbleweed Express, Smith was noticing disappointed customers turning away from his shop after hours. “I didn’t have some big epiphany,” said Smith, “I just saw a need for our customers.” The drive-through will be open from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m. Thursday through Sunday.

Parachute Town Manager Stuart MacArthur summed up his perspective, saying, “Tumbleweed has been a good neighbor and has made large investments into town. We’re excited to have Tumbleweed here and get on the map with something that is totally unique.”

Aubrey Belisle

Aubrey Belisle

Hailing originally from Minneapolis, MN, Aubrey Belisle has been a consumer and supporter of cannabis for over 10 years. She relocated to Durango, CO in 2010 and had the privilege of voting in favor of Amendment 64. With Ms. Belisle's background in dispensary management and extensive time spent on marijuana licensure, she’s brought her hands-on experience to assist businesses with general compliance, inventory management, and Standard Operating Procedures for a retail marijuana store. In April of 2016, Ms. Belisle headed west to Portland in hopes of expanding her resume and implementing her skills in a new state. Under the name Pure Cannabis Consulting, she and her partner David Niccum have been able to do just that.


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