Farmacy | Dispensary Spotlight | Calyxes

Farmacy | Dispensary Spotlight | Calyxes

Dedicated Staff Helps Customers Find Best Ways to Medicate

Farmacy | Dispensary Spotlight | Calyxes

Calyxes is a small medical-only dispensary located in the quiet SW Portland neighborhood of Multnomah Village. Their store is a boutique style shop that serves top shelf, organically-grown cannabis and hand stuffed pre-rolls. The focus at Calyxes is providing patients with the safest and cleanest cannabis available. They joined forces with Team Stoner for last winter’s “Keep Portland Warm,” movement and supplied hundreds of our homeless brothers and sisters with jackets, shoes, blankets, beanies and more.

I myself am a medical patient. I first went to Calyxes because they carry Green Bodhi cannabis, which, in my opinion, is some of the most potent, tasty cannabis in our area. Green Bodhi practices a technique called “Intentional Horticulture.” Their methodology is based in integrating compassion and wisdom with a high level of horticultural techniques and organic nutrients.

“We feel by refining our perspective through contemplative science, combined with balancing our motivation to benefit others, our garden can blossom in a unique way of healing. Through skillful means and a relation in caring for wisdom plants, we can start to uncover the links of dependence between ourselves, the garden, and ultimately, all things.

By developing a deeper understanding in feeling, awareness and motivation, our horticultural experience becomes more rich and meaningful. A mirror-like wisdom that not only transforms our garden and its fruits, but more importantly, our minds and the experience we have in the process.”–Green Bodhi

The Calyxes team will make you feel like family as they help you find the best medical cannabis products, specifically tailored to your individual needs. Their address is 7501 SW Capitol Highway and they are open 10am – 7pm Monday through Friday and 10am – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

John Bernard


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