Strain Spotlight | Chernobyl

Strain Spotlight | Chernobyl

Trainwreck × Trinity × Jack the Ripper

Strain Spotlight | Chernobyl
With its’ sweet, full-bodied flavor  of smoke, this bud is a favorite surround the light green body of this bud with orange hairs poking through. This strain has a prominent lemonine element. When smoked the high is euphoric and calm, although its a hybrid, it’s Sativa dominant side makes this an easy flower to smoke and still be able to remain active throughout your day.
Smoking Chernobyl at the brink of anxiety will stop it in its tracks, and relieve any pain you may be experiencing.
A descendant from the wonderful Trainwreck, Jack the Ripper and Trinity. Right from the start, its an easy grow, having little difficulty staying healthy for those with the green thumb. When harvest is over, this flowers terps develop its signature lime sherbet smell; which is true to taste. Burning a bowl of Chernobyl will be good all the way through, with the taste of citrus that creates a lasting bond between you and this flower. If you are new to this strain, know that Chernobyl is a great way to manage any pain you may have; whether you have back pain, stomach pains, or even a headache. Rolling up a doobie of this will ensure that you have a relaxing time when you get home. Chernobyl has a long past, with an overall large fan-base, as it is seen as a classic of nugs. For you seasoned smokers, weed always tastes great when put it through a grinder and pack it in a bowl, right? Well when you start breaking into a bit of Chernobyl, the sweet smell of lime comes through, preparing you for a great smoke session. There are mixed opinions on whether or not you should make this a morning toke, or consume before bedtime, I say they both do the trick. As this is a hybrid, you can smoke a bowl in the morning and be jazzed to run those errands you were dreading before, or you can wind down with a bowl in bed before you start your favorite show on Netflix. Photo courtesy of OG Gardens

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