Review | Vape Pen | CloudV Platinum

Review | Vape Pen | CloudV Platinum

Remarkably powerful, surprisingly small.

Review | Vape Pen | CloudV Platinum

With legalization sweeping the U.S., portable vaporizers have been evolving  almost as quickly as smartphones. The market is largely split into specialize makes several flower vaporizers, but it’s their CloudV Platinum for oil, that really has me hooked.

Most oil vaporizers work similarly; a replaceable heating chamber (atomizer) and rod (made of ceramic, quarts, or titanium) are wrapped in titanium wire, and heated to glowing red temperatures. This often results in my premium-priced oil (or homemade rosin) tasting burnt. Not to mention that the small titanium wires are extremely fragile, and replacement chambers run $20 each.

The CloudV Platinum improves on this design with the coil-less “Cera” atomizer featuring a ceramic cup with z-shaped heating element underneath. The oil never comes in direct contact with the coil, dramatically improving flavor. The patent-pending chamber shape allows for seriously easy loading and cleaning. Plus, it hits like a champ! A good dab from a pen the size of a stick of gum, who would have thought?

I’ve owned mine for a few months now, and even though it’s designed for on-the-go use, with its tiny size and somewhat short battery life, it has become my main smoking device. Since CloudV Enterprises warrants the CloudV Platinum battery for the lifetime of the product, I’m sure I’ll be using it for many years to come. If you’re looking to upgrade your cannabis experience on a budget, this is the way to go.

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