Strain Review | Trainwreck

Strain Review | Trainwreck

Strain Review | Trainwreck

Trainwreck entered the spotlight in the early 80’s and shined on throughout the 90’s. For many of us who grew up during the 80-90s, cannabis was generically known as weed, bud, dope or grass. Lesser quality: budget or bammer. Higher quality strains are called by descriptive names; the danks, super chrons, or the sticky icky. But every once in awhile, if we were lucky, a wave of Trainwreck, White Widow, or Purple Kush would come along, and those buds, the ones with the special names, that always seemed to be the extraordinary, super dank, sticky icky, chronic. Understandably, there was a good reason. Trainwreck is ultra dank; large calyx covered with the thickest trichomes that caked across the landscape of each truly beautiful nug. Trichomes so thick it’ll turn the buds grey with a slight green tint, as you can barely see any green plant matter through the thickness of sticky crystals. The heavy trichome coverage also gives tremendously high yields when extracting for concentrates. Concentrates tend to taste more like sweet lemons versus the pungent musky pine.

The next time you have an opportunity to try Trainwreck, I would strongly recommend doing so. But be sure to slowly take in all that it has to offer. As your first toke absorbs into your lungs, an almost instantaneous melting sensation starts accumulating in your brain. The cerebral high awakes a strong euphoria, followed by a true cannabis high so strong it will bring you back to your first experiences getting baked. Almost like you are an echo away from everything. Stomach starts to warm and relax. This is very helpful for soothing stomach aches, nausea and hangovers. The high is long lasting, and can be enjoyed throughout the day while remaining relatively energetic. Trainwreck has been known for its couch-lock effect, but also for creative thinking and energy. Some might think, “What? Both a day and a night strain?!” In my experience, it all depends on how much I consume. Trainwreck is powerful enough that a couple of tokes will rock your world nicely, without losing much energy. It’s kind of like the jack-of-all-trades strain.

Growing Trainwreck is fairly easy, making it great for novice growers. It clones easily, and takes off faster than most, always looking and staying healthy with little effort. Yields are medium to medium-high. The plant can take more abuse than most without causing too much damage, and has a quick bounce back to health. I couldn’t suggest a better starter strain, but I still recommend it for those who are experienced. Easy to grow from start, all the way through the very high quality finish. A literal explosion of pungent musky pine aligned with a slight sweetness of lemon will dominate your garden over the smell offered by other strains. Trainwreck tastes exactly how it smells, and will dominate your taste buds in the same fashion. The inhale is much smoother than expected, considering the extreme amount of trichomes, and a smell so strong it could make your eyes water just smelling the jar. The full flavor of musky pungent pine might not sound too appealing, but I assure you, if you are a true stoner you will thoroughly enjoy both the smell and taste of Trainwreck, for it is a perfect representation of a strong marijuana odor.

Trainwreck has definitely made its mark in cannabis history, and still trumps most strains out of  hundreds developed over the last couple of decades. In 2015, Trainwreck was listed as 1 of 15 of the all-time best strains to date. I would definitely recommend this strain to just about anyone, as it will meet their needs.  

I challenge you to have a Trainwreck of a day. I know you’ll enjoy!

Ryan Marshall


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