Review | Leaf and Liquor

Review | Leaf and Liquor

Review | Leaf and Liquor

For our March pairing I thought we’d switch it up a bit. This is a pairing for my socialites out there. These combinations are optimal for parties, band practice, spring skiing, or just sitting around BSing with friends.  

I worked with three excellent Southern Oregonian breeders (Phenotype X, Stallion Genetics, Peter the Cannabreeder) to acquire these rare strains for this pairing. What are you growing this year? Maybe some of these strains will inspire some of you to think about seeking out some different seeds or clones for this season. I also stepped out of my comfort zone and chose some beverages I wouldn’t normally be drawn to; I had you readers in mind for this one. There’s a little something for everyone. Grab your grocery list, write down whatever grabs your interest, and check out what similar strains your local dispensaries have to offer.

Schilling & Company Grapefruit Cider + Pineapple Diesel X Tragic Ice Hindu


The grapefruit cider has a really strong nose on it. Extremely sweet fragrances, true to the grapefruit title. The Pineapple Diesel X Tragic Ice Hindu has all of the terpenes of Pineapple OG, the fuel tinge of Diesel, and can pull out hints of Hindu Kush. The flower has immaculate flavors when smoked, the Grapefruit Cider does a great job accentuating the pineapple- creating a fresh fruit experience with a mellow, mixed effect. The two together will be a go-to for summer rafting trips, coastal adventures and festival lounging.  

Nectar Creek Waggle WildFlower Session Mead + Pink Avatar


The Waggle honestly smells terrible, like dying grass or maybe even deer pellets. Off putting. I refreshed my senses by breaking apart and squeezing the nug of Pink Avatar. Bred and grown by Peter the Cannabreeder, Pink Avatar is made up of Sour Diesel x Blue Dream x Afghan Goo. The taste is exceptionally different, and the combo creates a trio flavor that is one-of-a-kind. The Pink Avatar paired with the Waggle tastes of honey, wild flower, and it’s fruity. The overall experience is very close to chewing on a dandelion and dunking your head in a nice cold flowing stream. On this rainy cold day, this duo gave me some springtime vibes, with dreams of warm weather. The effect was clean, eclectic and euphoric.

Fish Tale Organic Amber Ale + Green Yeager


A refreshing organic amber ale really fits the mood for this pre-spring funky-fantastic tasting. My personal favorite with its aroma of red malt caramel, with hints of toffee. It’s easy to drink and great with food as well.  

Green Yeager tastes like the traditional southern Oregon native Yeager aka Purple Hindu Kush, rich earthy licorice, lemon and pine, but also shows off some extra fruity terps with a cross that tastes and smokes close to Purple Hindu Kush. Marrying Fish Tale and Green Yeager creates a perfect recreational recipe for a sip and smoke social. The mixed effect creates a sedated, zoned-out vibe, perfect for a late night social, reminiscent of pre-spring backyard bonfires.  

Ballast Point Brewing Company Mango Even Keel + Purple Kush   


The Mango Even Keel has pretty low alcohol content (3.8) and smells floral, with a mango overlay. Stallion’s Purple Kush is our only classic strain for this session. Usually I would smoke PK paired with a red wine, but I wanted to experiment pairing the fruit smell and flavor of the flower with something more tropical. Ballast’s Mango Even Keel is a perfect sipper, refreshing, and clean. The combination of the PK and this Mango flavored beer create a tropical entanglement of flavors. Easy drinking beer, easy smoking bud. The mix effect is weightless, social and gets better through the night.

Jared Masters

Jared Masters

Freelance Content Writer, Social Media Director & Account Executive Stoner Magazine/Farmacy Magazine Jared worked with Popular Science, Inc. Magazine, Men's Health, Fortune, Car and Driver, Road & Track, Hot Rod & Custom, Motortrend, The Drive with Alan Taylor, Skidmarks and many more. Previous Founder & CEO of high end fashion brand Toccata Eyewear & Face Furniture. He also worked in Fine Art Sales with Vladimir Kush. He is a Portland-based writer and editor, with years of experience in PR, networking, coordinating events, blogging, social media, TV, Radio & Music production, broadcast journalism, brand strategy and copy writing. Jared broke into the cannabis industry several years ago and is well plugged into growers, dispensaries, and businesses associated with the cannabis industry.


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