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Grow | Strain Spotlight | Sci-Fi

Grow | Strain Spotlight | Sci-Fi

I really enjoyed Sci-Fi by collaborators High Country Organic Farms and CAPTL. This Schrom PSA X White Fire OG expression keeps the lemon lime soda profile from the Schrom and rounds it out with floral Kush notes and subtle tropical scents. You can almost smell the sun on this flower. Lime candy with a hint of those melty buttermints. Tropical without being fruity, I catch hints of coconut suntan lotion, sea breeze and a pop of lime without the acid. Tearing into the flower releases more of that well-rounded citrus and a hint of cooling volatile that’s just short of menthol. Sweet hash scents from a stem rub and ripe green apple on the exhale. Clean burning, the joint I smoked left me cool and collected. Great strain for settling in with a mountain of paperwork or doing some deep research on which ice cream places deliver. Some lucky Cultivation Classic judges ended up with this flower in their kits and we expect to see it in greater quantities this fall.” The main shoot also has other functions. It communicates with photosensitive pigments located in the leaves. The information that these pigments receive dictates the behavior of the plant. Once the plant reaches 3 feet and it is topped, the communication between the leaves and the main shoot ends, effectively canceling out the apical dominance. The result is that the plant assigns the next shoots in line to the job. This means that the smaller shoots on the branches beneath the cut start growing faster and gain size. Since there is no more apical dominance, the plant will grow into a bush because the newly appointed main shoots all have equal priority.

When starting seeds, I flip the cone-shaped rooting plugs upside down so they have more stability. They are made to fit into sectional trays, but that just adds cost and I try to keep things simple and low frill. Wash your hands well with a disinfecting soap to remove any oils or contaminants. Make a small hole with a poker and place the seed point side up into the plug about ½” into the rooter.

As you can probably tell, I prefer seeds over clones for outdoor gardens. On March 20th, my seedlings for outdoors had already germinated. This year I selected Cuvee, Conspiracy Kush, and Marion Berry Kush based on their early maturity.

Don’t be so quick to take the easy way out. With passion and hard work, you can find many elite cuttings in non-feminized seeds, and the keeper plant will be more stable, easier to grow, and something special that you selected for your needs. It won’t be some watered down genetic copy created by someone interested in a quick buck instead of the best genetics created by hard work and passion.

Remember, every elite, famous cutting that growers drool over, was started from a seed. They were then saved by some grower and passed on to the masses.

Ryan Herron


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