Concentrate Review | Jager

Concentrate Review | Jager

Portland’s beehive extracts

Concentrate Review | Jager
  Jager is a hybrid strain named after the popular black licorice flavored spirit, and like many other strains, its pedigree isn’t exactly agreed upon. There are internet pages referencing a potential cross of LA Confidential x Blue Dream. Rumors also exist of a possible Southern Oregon lineage. While the cannabis world lacks a baseline standard for many important aspects of the industry, useful applications and databases are starting to be put in place to help lead the way. Referencing the handy Phylos Galaxy, Jager falls on the Hindu Kush spectrum of genetics as far as the current testing goes. “The Phylos Galaxy uses DNA sequence data to map the relationships between thousands of cannabis varieties.”

This Jager shatter was processed by Beehive Extracts out of Portland, Oregon. Delivered in a small metal tin, similar to the mint tins stoners have been storing roaches in for decades. This gives it a unique appearance in the sea of choices at your local dispensary; it appears to give an up-cycle or recycle option, and it’s large enough to stand out and be noticed.

The appearance of the BHO has a metallic shimmer that I look for when the light hits it just right. The consistency is a pull and snap, or shatter depending on the temperature. When dabbed at a low temperature on quartz, the flavor starts with a light menthol kush, followed by an old fashioned root beer, ending with clove and licorice spices. When warmed or exhaled, hints of sandalwood and molasses can be found. These flavors don’t exactly jump out like a high terpene live resin but they are there if you hit it just right. Large smooth dabs taken easily are clear evidence of a clean process, with every step taken to ensure an enjoyable product.

Although Jager is listed as a indica-dominant hybrid, the effects seemed to be more uplifting than sedative. A euphoric lift of the entire head is what made this strain unique for me. The results are a pleasantly functional full-body high, therefore I found it to be a good strain to enjoy during the day. Being an indica and most likely kush related, it did give me the munchies after two dabs. I would suggest pairing this with a lime or citrus beverage to accompany the minty front on the Jager, then go for a walk or get some to do’s accomplished. The high lasted 90 minutes, just about the right duration to have a good time, but not have to commit the whole day to a possible couch lock situation.

Beehive is known for their terpene dripping live resins and crystal filled sugars, as well as their shatter. Keep an eye out for the honeycomb logo at your favorite dispensary in the near future.  

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